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No part of the country has more reggae bands per inhabitant than Northern Norway, and the fun started with Irie Darlings. At first the band played rock with elements of reggae, but slowly the Jamaican rhythms completely took over. And in 1993 the incredible happened. A band from Norway got a record deal to release reggae music in Jamaica. The result was a very fabled trip to the green island in 1994, and the long-player Xaymaca which was released the same year. It was the band's only one, but the members have later made a name for themselves in an endless series of other constellations - the best known is the Norwegian-language reggae band Manna, who are active to this day.


Kjell Nordeng and Jørgen Nordeng

Kjell is a senior lecturer with a major in German, and has written about music for Nordlands Framtid and Avisa Nordland since the 80s. Jørgen is a rapper, writer and vocalist, known from among others Tungtvann and Joddski. With Kjell in the driver's seat, the duo will jointly tell the story of Xaymaca from a to z.

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