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On its release in 1968, the 126-album "Curtains Falling" was critically acclaimed. In 2008, Mike Stax in the American Ugly Things Magazine highlighted the album's originality and high quality, especially in the lyrics. In sum, an argument for classic status, and a sign that 126 and Asbjørn "Asa" Krogtoft are stalwarts of Norwegian 60s rock. Since tiring touring helped break 126 just before the album came out, the story of "Curtains Falling" is also a story about life as a Norwegian rock band in the 60s.

Kjell Nordeng was a music writer for Nordlands Framtid for almost 20 years. He has also written music material for Avisa Nordland and the festival newspaper for Bodø Jazz Open. Born in 1950 and raised in Bodø, Nordeng had a place in the orchestra when 126 really hit the national rock scene in 1967. Together with his son Jørgen, Kjell Nordeng wrote the book about the Irie Darlings album "Xaymaca" in 2022.

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