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Norway was in no way prepared when Side Brok first rolled down the glass and spat out soul-searching depictions of nature, acid trips seen from the bicycle seat, apt personal characteristics of fictional characters, and social anthropological depictions/tributes of the robber from Sunndør. Høge Brelle was a locally situated piece of music with a global musical expression that had a national impact, and now, almost twenty years later, stands again as a central work in the Norwegian hip-hop canon. This book deals with Høge Brelle as a work of art - both musically and textually - told from the point of view (or, quite often, the place of sitting or lying down) of someone who was there (and by that we mean the end of the teenage years/early twenties in Søre sunnmøre - preferably at the Side Brok concert at Rust in Ørsta).


Kjell Andreas Oddekalv (b. 1985) is a music historian, music researcher, musician and music enthusiast. He will soon have a PhD on rap flows, and is a practicing hip-hop couple in the Oslo collective Sinsenfist.

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