Ketil Stokkan - Ekte mannfolk - 1985 - 80s - NACD433

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Ketil Stokkan became known as the frontman of the group Zoo in the early 1980s as well as a participant in Melodi Grand Prix. In the mid-1970s, Stokkan was a member of the group Nexus. In 1977 he became a member of the group Zoo in Stokmarknes, where he became the most important songwriter and vocalist. In the same year, he participated for the first time in Melodi Grand Prix and came second in the Norwegian final with the song "Samme charmeur". The following year, he released his first solo album, Gentlemen's Agreement . The following year, the album Ekte Mannfolk came out, where he sang in his mother tongue.

1 Ekte Mannfolk

2 Sjansespill

3 Minnebok

4 Ut Av Mitt Hjerte

5 Vi Overlever Regnet

6 Kjerringrock

7 Pus

8 Stor Mann

9 Enda En Vår

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