Kerrs Pink - Mellom oss - 1981 – Prog - NACD387

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Kerrs Pink is a progressive band started in Trømborg, south of Mysen in Indre Østfold municipality in May 1972. Jostein Hansen, Harald Lytomt, Halvard Haugerud, Tore Johansen, Per Øyvind Nordberg and Freddy Ruud are/were key players and composers and/or lyricists . Several of the players in the band were also active in the band Høst. Kerrs Pink released their debut album on their own label Pottittskiver. The band has been more or less permanently existing through the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s and 2000s, and the band is among the oldest current and still creative prog rock bands in Norway.

1 Trøstevise

2 Trøstevals

3 Østenfor Ord

4 Mellom Oss

5 Hvem Snakker Til Meg?

6 Elegi

7 Mens Tiden Forgår

            A Dråper   

B Haven   

C Adam's Sang   

D Fallet   

E Eva's Sang   

F Mens Tiden Forgår   

G Etterspill

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