Kate Gulbrandsen - Beauty and the Beat - 1987 – 80s -NACD257

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Kate Gulbrandsen was born in Slemmestad, Røyken and stood on stage for the first time as a seven-year-old. In 1985 she won a local pop competition and was allowed to take part in the 1985 Pop Festival in Egypt, where Arne Bendiksen was one of the organisers. She also participated in the World Popular Song Festival in Japan 1986, and won the Golden Award with the song "Carnival", signed by Rolf Løvland. The two went to Los Angeles and began work on her debut album. She became nationally known after the Norwegian Grand Prix final in 1987, when she performed the winning song "Mitt liv" (9th place in the international final) with her hair up. Rolf Løvland was also the man behind it and several of the other songs she performed in English on the debut album The Beauty And The Beat (1987).


1 Danger Men Working

2 Carnival

3 The Woman and the Girl in Me

4 Esprit de Corps

5 Fire of Love

6 Mitt liv

7 Trick of the Heart

8 What Any Girl Would Do

9 All over the World

10 When the Magic Dies

11 Touch my Fantasy

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