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After many years as a performing musician and member of various bands, saxophonist, songwriter and arranger Kåre Kolve is now returning to his own youth and the fusion music of the 80s. This is groovy and funky music with clear themes, a lot of improvisation and inspired by 80s bands such as: Spyro Gyra, Koinonia, Yellowjackets, Weather Report and David Sandborn. Kåre Kolve has collected some of the country's best musicians on the album: Torstein Lofthus - drums (Elephant 9, Shining, Red Kite) Jonny Sjo - electric bass (D'Sound, Lava ) Frode Mangen - keyboards (Ole Børud, Lava, Bjørn Eidsvåg ) Bernt Rune Stray - guitars (Sissel Kyrkjebø, Oslo Gospel Choir) Cool Walkin' is produced by Arve Furset

1 Reykjavik 3:52 (Kåre Kolve)

2 Springtime 4:01 (Kåre Kolve)

3 Summer Breeze 3:36 (Kåre Kolve)

4 Cool Walking 4:11 (Kåre Kolve)

5 Mr. Ruff 4:48 (Kåre Kolve)

6 East Coast 4:32 (Kåre Kolve)

7 Backhammer 3:25 (Kåre Kolve)

8 Downhill 4:09 (Kåre Kolve)

9 Funky Simon 4:30 (Kåre Kolve)

10 Marits Kveldssang 5:05 (Kåre Kolve)

Kåre Kolve has previously recorded three solo records with self-composed acoustic jazz; My Directions, (2006), Further Directions (2008) and Interactions (2016 - commissioned work for Jazzfest in Trondheim). In addition, he has played on over 140 recordings with various bands of his own and as a studio musician. He was a permanent member of the Icelandic group Mezzoforte for several years and also played with the American soul/R&B singer Randy Crawford with whom he traveled for three years, then together with the Norwegian group LAVA with whom he and several of the band members still play with today.

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