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In 1987, the Oslo band Kaniner released the 13-track LP Kaniner til salgs , which contained own material. On this recording, the band consisted of Hege Rimestad (vocals, fiddle), Dag Okstad (bass), Lars Lothe Holm (guitar, vocals) and Metch Tofthagen (drums). They also had a video made for the song "Seinvinter", produced by Linda Cartridge. The album was played over two weeks in London. Lars Lothe Holm had been an early collaboration partner for Joachim Nielsen, while Metch Tofthagen visited both Vera Cruise, Florrie og Nattergalene, Fat Molly and Willy B's band. Both Lars Lothe Holm and Dag Okstad participate as musicians on the compilation album Den Akustiske Gitarliga presents (1988), which showcased recent Norwegian bands and artists in acoustic recording. Hege Rimestad was the most experienced member, with a background from e.g. Amtmandens Døtre, Veslefrikk and Tits & Hits. On Kaniner til salgs she wrote all the music - and the sister part of the lyrics. Later there were her own albums, collaborations with Geirr Lystrup and newly written music for film and theatre, in addition to which she has participated as a studio musician on a large number of records.

1 Ainos sang

2 Danselåt

3 Tynn blå luft

4 Fot for fot

5 Klare ord

6 Den første sangen

7 Regndans

8 Hør lyden

9 Skogen

10 Musikk fra et annet land

11 Disse lyse nettene

12 Seinvinter

13 Sjøreisa

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