Kalle Løchen // Stella Polaris (1993) / NFKBOK007

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Stella Polaris is one of the most important films in modern Norwegian film history. And the established "documentarian" Knut Erik Jensen as a genuine film narrator. A film that some would characterize as demanding in its form, but which is rare in conveying longings, feelings and memories through its nameless main character (Anne Krigsvoll). The film is a personal document in fictional form about a bygone era and culture in Norway's northernmost part of the country. At the same time, today's Finnmark is described in a scene from our own time. The story is told through the eyes of a woman, both as a child in the busy fishing village and as an adult in the present. She returns to her birthplace and remembers what life was like before the fishing village was closed down. The love story between her and her childhood friend is central to the plot.

Kalle Løchen is a film distributor. He has been an editor for the film magazine Film & Kino, and a consultant for short and documentary films at the Norwegian Film Institute and several regional film centres.

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