K.M. Myrland - Vinternatt i Longyear - 1982 – 80s- NACD224

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  1. M. MYRLAND -VINTERNATT I LONGYEAR (1982)                                                                         Knut Magne Myrland from Harstad is a country/roots-inspired vocalist, guitarist, composer and lyricist. Myrland was originally a sailor, but was disabled after an explosion accident in Houston in the USA in the early 1970s. In 1976, he broke through as a cult singer with his socially engaging lyrics and characteristic deep voice on his debut album Isbål . In 1982, KM released the record Winter Night in Longyear, together with Vera Cruz, Igor Kill, Frank Marstokk, Freddy Dahl, Kjell Rønningen. Here he returned to The Svalbard themes.

1 Vinternatt i Longyear

2 Svalbardposten 1949-50

3 Julaften

4 Gruben i tidens tegn

5 Sangen om buret

6 Den 14de august 1925

7 Minner

8 Bordets gleder

9 Jeg undrer mig på

10 Svea bysang

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