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What is it about the debut album Uleste bøker og utgåtte sko that put Oslo Ess on the rock map? Maybe it's the Norwegian lyrics about restless souls, crazy about crazy ladies; About people in the rain who have escaped from water and bread and know that Monday is a lovely day for birds that are free. Or is it that the musicians are just as inspired by Bruce Springsteen's Thunder Road, as the West Coast punks Rancid, and Norwegian veterans such as the Dumdum Boys and Raga? And why does Petter Baarli himself play solo guitar on two songs?

The author saw a video on YouTube in 2010. It showed three rock dudes playing acoustic guitars on a rooftop in the Old Town. The following year he happened to see them live, became a fan and bought their debut album on the same day. In this book he goes to the source to find the essence of this album. We also get the main characters' accounts of the start, the inspiration behind the songs and the recording itself.

Jonas A. Larsen (b. 1991) is an illustrator and writer from Larvik. He has published a novel for young people and two comic books based on Jørn Lier Horst's CLUE series, as well as illustrated several books for other authors. Larsen is very interested in music and film. He has realized that he will never be particularly musical, and is instead trying to write about music.


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