Jon Eberson Group - City Visions - 1984 - Jazz - NACD108

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The Jon Eberson Group was an award-winning Norwegian jazz rock group led by guitarist and composer Jon Eberson. Central members in the group were Sidsel Endresen vocals, Geir Holmsen on bass, Atle Bakken on keyboard instruments and Bjørn Jenssen on drums. In 1981 their first release Jive Talking came out and in 1984 came out City Visions. Here they got, among other things, drag help from Grex Vocalis, Nils Petter Molvær and Tore Brunborg. The record got Spellemann in the category Producer/Inventor/Arranger and has never been on CD.


1 This Is Your Life

2 My Mind's on You

3 We Were the Ones

4 In a Pessimistic Mood

5 How Come

6 Visions

7 When You Don't Believe

8 Potential Love Song

9 Second Hand

10 Friday Afternoon

11 Paint That Rainbow

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