Johnny Yen - The Art of Feeding Birds - 1989 – 80s – NACD405

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Johnny Yen lived part of his upbringing in Drammen, but returned to Trondheim as a teenager. He stopped by the group Rabies before starting his own Johnny Yen Bang! in May 1978. The starting point was aggressive punk, but gradually the expression was varied with a mixture of new wave and reggae beats. In 1980, Yen was involved both as a vocalist, composer and musician on Norske Gutter's "«Hvem faan tror du du er»/«Mamma, mannen ga meg gonorré». In the same year came Johnny Yen Bang!s Kill The Disco , a six-track EP. The following year they followed up with the 12 inch People in the street . Johnny Yen Bang! was disbanded in 1982. Yen had Oslo as his base at this time, where he played guest music for, among others, Raga Rockers. In 1983 he released the cassette Factual Night under his own name. Two years later another cassette came, A Parrot With Colors And Sound . In 1985 he released the LP Popcycles in collaboration with Lister. The disc was released in connection with a multimedia performance of the same name. In 1988, Yen released his first solo album, Stillhetens uro , published in connection with an exhibition at Black Box in Oslo. The musical expression was now closer to contemporary music than rock, according to some reviewers. In 1989, the English-language one came The Art Of Feeding Birds , a kind of post-punk/art rock record in the direction of Magazine and Laurie Anderson. The last under the Yen name.

1 Syntax Error

2 Strange Stories Told

3 Crazy

4 Revolution

5 Suzanne's Got a Dress

6 Go Away

7 No Fun Anymore

8 Second Sucks

9 Hush

10 Opinion

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