Johnny Yen/Lister - Pop Cycles - 1985 - Punk/new wave - NACD261

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Split LP. Arthur Sørenssen contributes vocals on Lister's side. Released in connection with a multimedia performance of the same name. Johnny Yen Bang! was disbanded in 1982. Yen had Oslo as his base at this time, where he played guest music for, among others, Raga Rockers. In 1983 he released the cassette Factual Night under his own name. Two years later came another cassette, A Parrot With Colors And Sound. In 1985 he released the LP Popcycles in collaboration with Lister. Lister played in Johnny Yen Bang!, as well as Det Elektriske Kjøkken and released a number of solo albums.


1 Ticket

2 Factual Night

3 Clay

4 Surfside Salad

5 Bodies In Motion

6 Woolgoolga

7 It's The Quits 


8 Travelling Dark I

9 Life Is A Lonely Whore

10 Travelling Dark II

11 So Much Fun In The World

12 Artschool

13 Jazz Automatique

14 Time Is A Monkey

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