Johnny Hazard - Useless - 1985 - KZ – NACD492

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In 1983 Im Nebel released his first split cassette together with the band Mausoleum with the title Ut avv tåkeheimen and two years later came the masterpiece Mutation 7 . Three years later they released the album The Colors Turned Red. But one of the band members had so much on his mind that he had to release a solo album in the meantime. In 1985 came the record Useless , with the artist Johnny Hazard. Behind the name Johnny Hazard hides one of Haugesund's great music gurus, Johnny Liadal. The cassette was released on the small Haugesund label Sophisticated Artwork.

1 Religion's Coming

2 Fleece

3 Friendly Conversation

4 Lamentation

5 Mine Mind

6 Deeper Than Ever

7 Hunger Of Man

8 Smack

9 Subdue

10 Wandering

11 Delicious

12 Useless

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