John Persen/Jøran Rudi - Things Take Time – 1987 – Classical/Contemporary music NACD147

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John Persen from Porsanger is musically best known for his works for acoustic instruments, and especially for the opera Under Kors og Krone  (1985). Much of Persen's music for orchestra and ensembles is available, but his electronic music has remained almost a secret, despite the LP Things Take Time released in 1987. "Things Take Time" has been digitally remastered, with the improvement in sound quality it involves. John Persen's electronic sound world sounds natural, and the music unfolds without the sounds themselves commanding attention. He also does not filter the tones to create an artificial foreground, and when he simultaneously avoids sensational and dramatic effects, it makes the music flow more easily and organically. Things Take Time was the first LP with only electronic music to be released in Norway, and Persen's Things Take Time recorded one side in its entirety, while the other side contained the pieces 7'56”, 8'27” and 8'05”, which John and Jøran Rudi collaborated on. Jøran Rudi is a Norwegian electroacoustic composer educated at New York University and a member of the Norwegian Composers Association. Previously, he also played guitar in Kjøtt.


1 John Persen - Things Take Time

2 Jøran Rudi & John Persen 7'56''

3 Jøran Rudi & John Persen 8'27''

4 Jøran Rudi & John Persen 8'05''

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