Jens Bjørneboe - Våpenløs - Jens Bjørneboe Leser Egne Dikt – 1976 – Jazz - NACD438

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Ole Paus took the initiative for the album, which was recorded at the end of April 1976, a few days before Bjørneboe's suicide in Veerland in early May of the same year. Paus lived with Henny Moan (who had been married to Bjørneboe's cousin André Bjerke), and was a close friend of Bjørneboe in recent years; Bjørneboe lived for a time with Paus and Moan in Bjerkelundsveien in Bærum, before he bought Paus' house in Veierland in 1974 for the fee he received for the Sharks. Paus believed that the work on Bestiality's history had had a devastating effect on Bjørneboe, and wanted to "turn the attention from the social critic to the poet". Bjørneboe did not want to go to "The City of Python" (Oslo); it ended with Paus picking him up at Veierland and promising to drive him back from the studio as soon as they were done. During the recording at the end of April 1976, Bjørneboe was very alcoholic and ill. Paus wanted to end the recording with the poem «Farvel, Bror Alkohol», but it didn't happen that way

1 Rosa-Sangen

2 Mea Maxima Culpa

3 Dødssangen

4 Blomster For Genet

5 Elegi For En Hengt Soper

6 Chanson Om Verdun

7 Om Ungdommens Råskap

8 Soldatersang

9 Siste Reis

10 Ved Brendan Behans Båre 

11 Fragment

12 Natten

13 Søstrene

14 Kjærlighetssang

15 David Om Jonathan

16 Likskjorten

17 Doktorens Sang

18 Kurvmakeren

19 Judas Ischariot 2

20 Cimabue

21 Munken

22 Mitt Hjerte

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