January - Kraftzalve - 1981 - 80s - NACD414

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January played rock, soul and pop alternately. They chose to make a living as full-time musicians from 1978, and got a record deal with CBS the following year. Kristian Lindeman was the producer on the first LP, where the repertoire consisted of well-known foreign hits with Norwegian lyrics. During 1980, January worked out an identity of her own through her own compositions. At the same time, Tommy Stensrud (keyboards, vocals) joined as a replacement for the defecting Mårstad. The group signed a contract with the newly started Sheeba Records and released Kraftzalve (1981), from which "Mamma Norge" became a hit. The producers were Ola Johansen and Atle Helgestad. The strength of January lay in vocalist Marith Endresen, who was equipped with a powerful singing voice and a tough charisma. She is also called Northern Norway's queen of soul.

1 Mamma Norge

2 Drømmetypen

3 Lengter etter deg

4 Gje mæ et svar

5 9 til 4

6 Kjersti Therese

7 Borte bra men hjemme best

8 Rocke-Billy

9 Ho pluss han

10 Du må'kje tru at du e no'

11 Kjære bror

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