Jannicke – Min stil – 1981 - 80s NACD013

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Gry Jannicke Jarlum's musical career began in Sweden in 1978, when she won a major talent competition. She received a number of record offers, but her mother thought that Jannicke was too young and declined. Just three years later, she signed an agreement with the record company Talent, which released the record Min stil and which contained the monster hit "Svake mensenker", the song which was in first place on the VG-list for 16 weeks. With the help of members from Lava and Marius Müller himself on guitar, the record sold well over 100,000 copies. Jannicke's reggae pop has held up well, and you can find the LP for a reasonable price in second-hand shops. But the album has never been released on CD.

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