Jannicke - Draculas datter - 1983 – 80s – NACD407

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Gry Jannicke Jarlum's musical career began in Sweden in 1978, when she won a major talent competition. She received a number of record offers, but her mother thought that Jannicke was too young and declined. Just three years later, she signed an agreement with the record label Talent and sold over 100,000 copies. from the album Min stil. Then came My Rock'n'Roll Album the following year, where she paid tribute to her 50s roots. With Draculas Datter  (1983) she went back to 80's rock again with parts of Lava as comp. Soon after, she formed her own backing band, which continued the collaboration after they no longer had anything to do with Jannicke, under the name Road.

1 Draculas Datter

2 Det Var I Går Det Hände

3 Vi Eksisterer

4 Intetkjønn

5 Rød Rompe

6 Vi Digger Jan

7 I Said I'm Sorry

8 I Wanna Rock

9 Statussymboler

10 Gamla Folket

11 I'm A Rock'n Roll Girl

12 Savner Deg

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