Jan Omdahl // Jan Garbarek Quartet – Afric Pepperbird – NABOK020

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Few records stand in larger print in Norwegian music history than African Pepperbird (ECM, 1970) with Jan Garbarek's quartet with Terje Rypdal, Arild Andersen and Jon Christensen. "The big four" in Norwegian jazz in explosive, innovative interaction in Arne Bendiksen's studio in Oslo on 22 and 23 September 1970, on the first of what would become several hundred ECM recordings in Norway, with record company manager Manfred Eicher and sound engineer Jan Erik Kongshaug behind the mixing desk. Now you finally get the whole story about this historic recording, and its great importance for everything that was to come later. The book also becomes a celebration of the art of listening, of the magic that can occur when musicians really hear each other, and we hear them.


African Pepperbird is written by Jan Omdahl, one of Norway's most experienced music writers and ECM connoisseurs. He has published several books, including the critically acclaimed a-ha biography The Swing of Things. Jan writes weekly about technology, culture and media in Dagens Næringsliv's magazine D2, and has been a prominent contributor to music newspapers and daily newspapers since the 1980s.

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