Jan Inge Reilstad // Stavangerensemblet – Ta ein kjangs! – NABOK038

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«I dag: Fersk råkk!» The first time Froddien walked around with this poster in Torget in Stavanger was a cold December day in 1978. The single "Kan kje finna fingen" had been recorded. The Stavanger Ensemble then sent several test recordings to the record companies in Oslo, who all refused, some with special thanks for having had so much fun. Well, it would turn out that the Stavanger Ensemble and Froddien were in a class of their own throughout the first part of the 1980s. «Ta ein kjangs!» is the debut album that in 1980 gave birth to Stavanger rock, which thundered across the country with fantastic lyrics wildly performed by the most intense vocalist and frontman in Norwegian rock history, Frode Rønli, and with Anders Bru as guitarist and band leader. It's an album classic story about rock and language as cultural energy.


Jan Inge Reilstad experienced Froddien and the Stavanger ensemble for the first time at the Håbet festival in 1980, and was marked for life. He has previously written about Svein Tang Wa and Gunnar Roalkvam, two of the most important lyricists for the Stavanger Ensemble. He has also published an anthology of Norwegian rock poetry: "SanglyrikkEN - fra Almuens Opera til Gatas Parlament". He is currently the artistic director of KÅKÅ kverulantkatedralen, in addition to dealing with a Bowie project.

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