Jan Dahlen - Hillbilly Touch – 1987 – Blues/country - NACD436

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Kristiansunderen Jan Dahlen came to Oslo as a student in 1974, and already that year contributed as a chorister to Finn Kalvik's Nøkkelen ligger under matta . He was active in the environment around Club 7 and in 1981 he started his outlaw country project Jan Dahlen & The Shotgun Riders, consisting of e.g. Lynni Treekrem and Bent Patey. Jan Dahlen released the solo album "Hillbilly Touch" in 1988 with the Dwight Yoakam production team Pete Anderson/Dusty Wakeman as producer and technician. This album earned a Spellemannpris nomination.

1 Inspiration

2 All Alone (And Happy Together)

3 Victim Of Life's Circumstances

4 Let There Be Love

5 New York City

6 Blues Is The Colour

7 Wish You Were Mine

8 Love Story

9 Yesterdays Wine

10 Honky Tonk Masquerade

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