J.P. West - J.P West - 1983 - 80's - NACD463

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J.P WEST – J.P. WEST (1983) Jon Petter Westerlund is the name behind JP West, who by chance got a record deal from someone who didn't even have a record company, who was taken after hearing a demo played by his sister at a garden party. The first album was lavish and with expensive music videos - released on Danish Power Records (which went bankrupt just a few years later), and the song "Jimmy (Don't Need Me Anymore)" went viral on Norwegian radio. After many years abroad, and three albums and a number of Danish (!) MGP contributions later, he moved back to Horten and still works as a guitar maker.

1 Rockabout

2 Jimmy (Don't Need Me Anymore)

3 Let Me Stay The Night

4 High On Your Love

5 The Loser

6 Dancing On High Heels

7 Come On

8 Don't Wanna Dance No More

9 The Reason To Get By

10 Back On The Steets Again

11 The Curse  

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