Ivar Hovden - Instrumental - 1977 – 70s - NACD397

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Ivar Hovden (born 28 July 1946) is a Norwegian musician, saxophonist and songwriter. He is known as a former saxophonist in the New Jordal Swingers and Undertakers Circus. In 1991 he left New Jordal Swingers and was briefly in The Beatniks. In 1977 he released the solo record Instrumental, a record on which more or less the entire New Jordal Swingers backed. The album contains, as the title says, 13 instrumental songs - primarily covers and new arrangements of well-known songs. From Bumblebee's Flight to the Bridge over the Kwai.

1 In the Mood

2 One Way Ticket

3 Raunchy

4 Sverddans

5 Twilight Time

6 The Locomotion

7 Morgen

8 Broen over Kwai

9 Skolefri

10 Humlens flukt

11 Sail Along Silvery Moon

12 Ebb Tide

13 Dimme-Twist

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