Høst - Hardt mot hardt - 1976 - Prog – NACD283

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Høst was a Norwegian band based in Indre Østfold that played music on the borderland between hard rock and progressive rock. The band existed between 1973 and 1978 and was one of the first rock bands to use Norwegian lyrics. Consisting of Svein Rønning (guitar), Lasse Nilsen (guitar), Knut R. Lie (drums), Geir Jahren (vocalist) and Bernt Bodal (bass), Høst recorded their first record På sterke vinger which was released on Polygram in 1974 in six days. The record was well received. Two years later came Hardt v Hardt, where they went a bit more in the direction of symphonic prog. The summer of 1978 was the end of Høst.


1 Profeters Ord

2 Gorobin

3 Nattergalen

4 Ørnkloa

5 Sirkus

6 Lektyre

7 Åse

8 Æræeo

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