Holy Toy - Pact of Fact - 1987 - Punk/new wave - NACD467

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Holy Toy is an experimental rock group from Oslo, started in 1982 by the exiled Pole Andrej Dziubek Nebb (vocals, bass) after the break-up of the band De Press. At the very beginning, the group was called Mechanical Grave, and consisted of Nebb, Lars Pedersen (drums, keyboard instruments) and Bjørn Sorknes (guitar, keyboard instruments). Pedersen had visited Hærverk and Garden Of Delight, and Sorknes was at one point parallel with Holy Toy and Fra Lippo Lippi. In 1987, Holy Toy had become a duo, and Sorknes was out. Pakt of Fact was recorded in Sweden in 1986 and has never previously been on CD until now.

1 Plan For The Land

2 Last Dinner

3 Treasures

4 Sariusz

5 Pact Of Fact

6 Behind The Carpet

7 First Lecture

8 Invisible

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