Holm CPU - .Login - 1981 – 80s – NACD196

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HOLM CPU - .LOGIN (1981)

Frode Holm started his career in the early 70s, both as a musician, but also as a record company manager. He played keyboards in the group Vanessa, which had good standing throughout Scandinavia. He was the founder of the label Compendium, which released several classics in 70s jazz/pop/prog. In 1980 he got a record deal with Polygram as a solo artist. The name fell on HolmCPU, and the first release, ".login", received good reviews and ended up in the VG list's top 10. In the basic comp, he had with him Freddy Dahl (Junipher Greene ++), Tor Bendiksen (Ruphus ++) and Tom Erik Antonsen (debuted on this record ++). He toured and kept it going before moving to Santa Barbara, California in 1988. He still releases records under the name FrodoCPU.

1 Varm Vind

2 Et Meningsfyllt Liv

3 Du Er Kvinnen

4 Fotspor

5 Prelude

6 Dans, Dans

7 Konkurs

8 Når Månen Stiger Opp

9 Sarah B4  Skjønnhet Er Kjærlighet

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