Hole in the Wall - Rose of Barcelona - 1978 – Prog – NACD091

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Hole In the Wall was a Norwegian country rock band from Bergen, started in 1971, by Erik Møll and Rune Walle. In a historical perspective, Hole In the Wall can be placed among the pioneers of roots-based music in Norway. The name of the group has reference to a gang of outlaws in the American Wild West, which in turn took its name from a remote mountain pass called Hole-in-the-Wall in the mountains of Johnson County in Wyoming where the outlaws had their hideout. However, the band disbanded in 1973. Møll went to his second homeland, the United States, but returned in 1978 to form a new Hole In the Wall. The musicians he brought with him this time were besides Møll, Lasse Berntzen, Inge Glambek, Carmen de la Nuez, Bjørn Aarland and Stein Nilsen, while Trygve Thue was the producer for the album Rose of Barcelona. 150 pre-ordered copies of this, we will print it on CD.

1 Ten Thousand People

2 Hand In Glove

3 Ride the Ridges

4 Charming Betsy

5 Tug o War

6 Sleeping Lady Revealed

7 Rose of Barcelona

8 Sun Was Up

9 Rocky Road

10 Remnants of Paradise

11 Waltzing On the Stars

12 Have No Fear

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