Hilde Heltberg – På bare bein - 1983 - 80s - NACD507

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Heltberg was a flower decorator and started his career in a talent competition where Stein Ove Berg was the judge. From him she learned a lot about both being an artist, and not least vocal technique. She had many musical role models over the years, but three female artists have always been at the center, namely Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt. The first band Heltberg played with in the late 70s was called Uncle John's Band. In 1980, she participated in the Norwegian final of Melodi Grand Prix and came last with the song "Maestro". In 1982, she was in the Ole Paus revue Daba daba - Surely there are blacks growing in Mjøsa, Kid . In 1983, she released her second album På bare bein , which also contains the Jonas Fjeld duet "Når vi deler alt".

1 Ingen Som Venter

2 Når Vi Deler Alt

3 Min Egen Vei

4 Drømmebilder

5 Søvnløs Natt

6 Du Skulle Sett Meg Nå

7 Bit For Bit

8 Med Døra På Gløtt

9 Nå Står Jeg Her

10 Gamle Charlie

11 Bare En Dag

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