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Kvitnes started his musical career as a 14-year-old in the group Rawbony Max, and a little later in Captain Lickfinger together with several of those he would later start the Ice Cream Band with. In 1979 they took the name The Young Lords, then the following year changed to Saturday Cowboys. Kvitnes is one of the few Norwegian artists who wears the professional title of singer/songwriter. Growing up, he listened to Bob Dylan and Neil Young and what was from Norwegian troubadours, such as Ole Paus, Finn Kalvik and Lillebjørn Nilsen, and later combined with artists such as Elvis Costello, The Jam, Ian Hunter and Tom Robinson Band, and following inspiration from this tradition grew the songs of Ice Cream Band/The Young Lords. They got a dream start to their career, as warm-ups for Elvis Costello at Chateau Neuf in Oslo on 2 July 1978. Since then, you could "hear" artists such as Southside Johnny, John Hiatt, Bruce Springsteen and Ulf Lundell in Kvitnes' music. It was called Roots for a while. Americana and Scandicana are terms that Kvitnes himself has used in recent years. Kvitnes wrote the English lyrics and was a vocalist in the above mentioned bands. In 1981, however, it was over for Saturday Cowboys, and in November Kvitnes started his own Henning Kvitnes' Next Step. Two albums were released with Next Step, a group consisting of old and new bandmates, and both The Tunnel and Open Roads were greeted with ovations in the music press.

1 Open Roads

2 Rainbows In The Dark

3 Mansion On The Hill

4 With The Love Of A Woman

5 Shine On

6 If You Gotta Go, Go Now

7 To Pieces

8 S.O.U.L.

9 Better Late Than Never

10 So Tired  

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