Helge Gaarder – Eine keine angst musik – 1984 - Punk/new wave – NACD050

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Eine Keine Angst Musik is possibly the purest expression of Helge Gaarder's vision as a musician and cultural personality; punk was never quite his area, and the later pop style was probably also too narrow - it was in the pretentious art world that Gaarder felt at home, and the music on the record reflects this, in that the record is a crossroad between Montatje, Dobbel V/Hiss and Cirkus Modern, both in expression and in text; a light but experimental soup of percussion and confused linguistic distance. All in all, the record is a wonderful, fresh expression of one man's artistic visions. If we manage to find 150 people who want this on CD, we will print it.

1 Obsession

2 Dance

3 Chant! (My Timbre Is Versatile)

4 No fear

5 Dissolve

6 Dept

7 Work and Leisure

8 The Darkest Night

9 Branca

10 Location

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