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FREE GAME (2006)

In 2006, the slasher film took over the Norwegian highlands, and Norwegian horror films were never the same again. Debutant feature film director Roar Uthaug managed the art of combining a film language we knew from ultra-American slasher films such as Skrik, with the Norse concept of ski-loving youngsters in a mountain hotel. The film was also the starting point for Ingrid Bolsø Berdal's career as Norway's own Scream Queen, with her character Jannicke as a kind of love child of Laurie Strode and Ellen Ripley. Join us on a bloody deep dive behind the scenes of one of Norway's most iconic horror films!

Helene Aalborg is a trained cultural critic and film curator. Aalborg has a long career in Norwegian film clubs and film festivals, and worked for several years as a freelance film journalist (Rushprint, FilmMagasinet, Natt & Dag, Filmamasoner etc.) and created a separate horror film issue of Z Filmtidsskrift. Currently working in the Short Film Festival and as an independent film distributor.

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