Heimevernslaget - Mob. Styrken – 1978 – 70s - NACD120

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Heimevernslaget was a Norwegian wise/old-time dance group from Trøndelag formed in the spring of 1978 by Hans Rotmo after the Arbeidslaget hass K. Vømmølbakken had been closed down. Musically, the Heimevernslaget was a continuation of the Arbeidslaget hass K. Vømmølbakken and the Vømmøl Spellmannslag, but with an even greater emphasis on old dance. The texts were a mixture of soldier humor and military historical politics presented in a popularized form. The group's manifesto was made on the first LP. There it was said that they were for "good beer, good steel, Nynorsk and agriculture and socialism". Sergeant Børø was succeeded by Menig Basmo by the time record number two was recorded in 1979.

1 Soldatstevet

2 Heimevernsongen

3 Heimevernscoqtail'n

4 Brevet frå barrikaden

5 Dragonane på Norderhov

6 Mattis og 1905

7 Han var ein tapper mann

8 Bonsersjant Børø

9 Arnljot og Elline Gelline

10 Hegra festning

11 Lidiche

12 Eritrea

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