Headcleaners - Swinging! with The New Incredible Headcleaners - 1982 – K-Z – NACD241

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Post-punk band from Arendal, started in 1980 by Lumpy Davy (aka Dagfinn "Dave" Jørgensen), Chrisph (aka Hans Petter Christensen), Han Solo (aka Hans Olav Sandåker) and Cool Kat (aka Geir Juveng). Espen Homberg played drums. All four sang and played various instruments. They called themselves a "neo-symphonic no-wave band with a hint of industrial angst". Davy and Kat had played in various constellations for years, including The Impotents. Back then it had mostly been hippie music of the type you hear on the cassette release Greatest SHiTs from Silicon City from '80. Chrisph was a new member of the SHiT clan.

Early in 1982 came out Swinging! With The New Incredible Headcleaners and became SHiT Tape's new pride, with the best sound and best sales until then. Dave wrote most of the songs and also drew the cover art.


1 (Jeg tror ikke på) U.F.O.'s

2 Deutsch-Schwedische Disco

3 Rhapsody In Glue

4 Well In It

5 Skift

6 Lighter Side Of Dating

7 Monosang

8 Monochrome Theme

9 ANARKI i Silicon City

10 Film Music

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