Hawk On Flight - Hawk on Flight - 1980 – Jazz - NACD498

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HAWK ON FLIGHT - HAWK ON FLIGHT (1980) "Svorsk" is perhaps rather the correct term. Hawk on Flight is a jazz group formed in 1976 by Matz Nilsson, Haakon Graf, Ulf Wakenius and Niels Nordin. The group is said to have been one of the most important fusion groups in Sweden/Norway and they have been compared to artists and groups such as Miles Davis, Weather Report and Herbie Hancock. The group's sound is built around Matz Nilsson's fretless bass and Håkon Graf's funky keyboard playing, but on this album it can seem as if Ulf Wakenius has been heavily inspired by Pat Metheny, and then it was only natural that Haakon took the place as Norway's Lyle Mays.

1 High As A Kite

2 Comme Si Comme Ca

3 Alive Again

4 Journey In E

5 Brothers

6 Intermezzo

7 Voicings

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