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Vømmøl Spellmannslag's "Vömmöl'n" set a sales record for Norwegian releases and shocked musical Norway in 1974. The political message was radical left, released as the first record on the company MAI, on May 1 itself. But the use of dialect and humor were rooted in Trønder's farming culture - there was a lot of double bottom here. The dialectic between city and country, center and periphery, Porselenstrand and Vømmøl, reflected a Norway in miniature. There were many who recognized themselves in this, and even those who were on the right side of politics couldn't help but smile. What happened in 1974 and what led to the "Year of Vomiting"? The book about "Vömmöl'n" will take a close look at the phenomenon and bring new details to market - and with author and lyricist Hans Rotmo on board. A bit of humor and new information from Vømmøldalen can therefore be expected.


Hans Weisethaunet is professor of musicology at the University of Oslo where he teaches music history and cultural theory. He has studied the phenomenon of Vømmøl since he first heard the orchestra both in concert and on record in 1974. He has written about music from various parts of the world and about music criticism. He also knows the music life in Trønder very well, including as a music journalist in Arbeider-Avisa in Trondheim for most of the 1980s.

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