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In 1991, the band Einmal kommt de liebe debuted with the album «Skjebnen er ugrei». The trio from Oslo, consisting of Mai-Britt Kristoffersen, Bitten Forsudd and Anne Grete Lunner, filled the soundscape on their first album with piano, cello, triangle, whip, washboard, fiddle, trombone and tuba, and lead vocalist Mai Britt Kristoffersen seduced us with her theatrical voice into the awkward vicissitudes of fate. For me, who was 19 at the time with the dream of becoming the greatest actor Norway and the world had ever seen, the trio was a liberating intervention in my life. In this book I am curious about how they wrote the fateful songs, how they came up with their theatrical concept long before anyone else did, and all the ups and downs. As a woman and a staunch feminist, I am of course concerned with how they were received by a dominantly male music industry. Did they have full freedom? And perhaps most importantly, find the fun and crazy stories that this trio is sure to be on.


Hannah Wozene Kvam (b. 1972) is the wonderful mixture of slam poet, writer and bureaucrat. Born in Ethiopia with Oslo as her domain, she has worked for 25 years as an artist, writer and communicator with a burning commitment to greater diversity in the cultural sector. In 1999, Hannah helped start Queendom, a Norwegian-African artist collective. Three shows, two tours and hundreds of concerts later, Hannah abdicated the queenship and now works as a senior adviser in Viken county council, where she develops internal diversity strategies in the organisation.

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