Håkon Graf/Jon Christensen/Sveinung Hovensjø - Hideaway - 1982 – Jazz – NACD445

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An unusual trio, consisting of Håkon Graf (Vanessa, Ruphus ++), Jon Christensen (ECM) and Sveinung Hovensjø (Terje Rypdal++) and sonically it sounds as if ECM meets jazz rock. Hovensjø plays almost like Eberhard Weber, while Jon Christensen plays groove (!). The only one who does something similar to what he usually does is Håkon Graf, who plays high-octane fusion on top. An incredible record that came 10 years too late, or 10 years too early, depending on how you look at it. If there was a guitar on the record, it must have been Pat Metheny playing, because the soundscape sounds great Offramp which came the same year.

1 Hideaway

2 Tender Stranger

3 Anna Karenina

4 Open Mind

5 Chattegatt

6 Elisabeth

7 Blåmann, Blåmann

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