Håkon Banken – 1977-2001 - 14CD Box - 2023 - CCD079

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Håkon Banken – 1977-2001 (14-CD box set)

Håkon Banken (born 19 January 1949, died 18 March 2018) was an artist and troubadour from Hof ​​i Solør in Hedmark. He is known for lyrics about harsh growing up conditions, life in the country, depression and youth. He grew up in the Pentecostal congregation and performed first at the prayer house. His popularity grew from his debut release in 1977 and throughout the eighties. His music eventually also became popular in the big dance band circles in Malung and other parts of Sweden. He sold more than half a million records and cassettes and was at the top of the Norsktoppen for several weeks. Arne Bendiksen's talent scout discovered Banken through a cassette recorded at a psychiatric ward near Hamar, and they were able to sell the music as cassettes at gas stations. This 14-CD box contains all of Banken's studio albums.

CD1 Takk for livet (1977) 

CD2 Hvordan tror du verden ser på meg (1978) 

CD3 Jeg vil glemme! (1979)

CD4 Hvem skal dømme? (1980) 

CD5 Barnatro (1981) 

CD6 Rosen (1982) 

CD7 Håkon Banken (1984) 

CD8 Rik, men fattig millionær (1984) 

CD9 Min barndoms jul (1986) 

CD10 Ingen plåtcab til himmelen (1987) 

CD11 Farvel Broder Aage (1988) 

CD12 Perleporten (1989) 

CD13 Sikkert som Banken (1991) 

CD14 Flickan från Gästis + bonusspor (2001) 


PRIS: 1400,-
Artist: Håkon Banken 
Tittel: 1977-2001
Utgivelsesår: 2022   
Label: C+C Records 
Format: 14CD-er + booklet 80 sider 
Kategori: Country/pop/underholdning

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