Hades - Hades – 1974 – Prog - NACD475

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HADES – HADES (1974)

From Sem / Tønsberg. Heavy prog band from Sem/Tønsberg who write Norwegian lyrics. The mini-LP contains a radio play from 1974, the same year they played at the Kalvøya Festival. The record was released on LP in 1991 by the record company Colors. The band consisted of Terje Brendsrød (bass), Thomas Karlsen (guitar), Karl Øyri (guitar), Per Eriksen (drums) and Fredrik Møystad on transverse flute and cowbell. Hades won the prize for best rock band in Vestfold 1973 and this short album was their only release.

1 8-4-7

2 Gullkrona

3 Hinayana

4 Sæheimsvalsen

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