Gunnar Andreas Berg - Snowdawn - 1980 – JAZZ – NACD296

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Gunnar Andreas Berg is a Norwegian super guitarist, teacher, and owner of the record company Bergland Productions. He is educated at the Department of Music (NTNU) as well as Berklee College of Music in Boston. Later he was appointed at Jazzlinja as amanuensis. He has played for a number of years with Åge Aleksandersen, but as a solo artist he has operated in a more jazzy landscape - not too far from what Terje Rypdal has wandered around since the 70s. Berg has released four solo albums himself. Snowdawn was his first, recorded in Nidaros Studio with Jan Erik Kongshaug behind the controls.

1 Østenfor sol vestenfor måne

2 Snowdawn

3 Hver vær vals

4 Ost i natten

5 Old Roses, Neuroses

6 Mr. Unititled
7 Love Ebbs

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