Gjennomslag - Klare Linjer - 1981 – Punk/new wave– NACD282

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Gjennomslag was a band from Bergen at the start of the 1980s. They sang in Bergen and were influenced by the punk scene. The group had a short and intense life. They started in 1980, released two LPs in 1981 and disbanded in 1982. The original setup was the classic three-man constellation of guitar/song, bass and drums. Svein Hovland played guitar and sang, Øyvind Larsen played drums and Trond Steinum was bassist. gjennomslag made his concert debut at Hulen in Bergen in 1980. The first album,  Klare linjer, they self-released, which led EMI to sign them for their next record.


1 Flyet Letter

2 Salt I Et Sår

3 Kommunikasjon

4 Stakkars Lyst

5 Stopp Det

6 Klare Linjer

7 En Stjerne Skal Bli Født

8 Hjernen Har Brent Ned

9 Faller, Faller

10 Seigemenn & Flue Poesi

11 Slik Kjennes Verden Ut

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