George Keller Band - Colors - 1974 - 70's - NACD253

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Vocalist, composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer George Keller was born in Trondheim and started his musical career at the age of five playing piano and violin. In 1964 he won an amateur musical competition organized by NRK. He moved to Oslo in 1973 and became the first artist to sign a contract with CBS Records after the American company established its own Norwegian branch. The company had previously been part of Norsk Phonogram. On the record he had Freddy Dahl on guitar, Per Ivar Johansen on drums and Svein Gundersen on bass. Calle Neumann played saxophone. Colors showed an artist clearly inspired by American 70s pop. The resemblance to Todd Rundgren was striking - both in terms of music and appearance.

1 White Dove in the Tempest

2 Cocaine Joe

3 Lady Earth

4 In My Solitude

5 Angel

6 Colours

7 Hidden Path

8 Slow Fallin' Rain

9 Sometimes

10 Burning Fire

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