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de Lillos had taken Norway by storm. The debut record Suser avgårde was a success, the whole country knew "Tøff i pyjamas" by heart, and the intense tournament had turned the trio into a hot live band. After the sequel  Før var det morsomt med sne , in 1989 it was time for album number three. It now turned out that Lars Lillo Stenberg's well was endless, because Hjernen er alen e- with the profound singles "Hjernen er alene" and "Sveve over byen" at the front - was a double album without weak moments.


Geir Rakvaag is a music journalist. He has written for Nye Takter for a number of years, first when this was an independent music newspaper, and still does so today when Nye Takter forms Dagsavisen's music coverage. Rakvaag has followed Norwegian and international music very closely for more than four decades, and sat ringside when the Lillos took over the country in the 1980s.

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