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In 1999, a group of friends from Trondheim stormed onto the Norwegian music scene and took the audience by storm. Soda was the pop sensation of the year, and all of Norway danced to "Summer Delight" and "2 Cool 2 Be Cool". The debut album Sodapop went straight to the top of the charts, selling more than 100,000 copies. The story of Sodapop is a tale of glittering pop dreams, a master tape full of catchy hits, and a world at full speed into a new millennium.


Author Geir Jacobsen is from Trondheim, and experienced the pop adventure Soda up close. In 2021, Jacobsen's debut novel Lyst mørke won the Årets Unest literature prize. His new book Drømmelaget will be published in autumn 2023.

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