Garden of Delight - Big Wheels in Emotion - 1987 - Punk/New Wave - NACD056

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Oslo band that appeared as a goth band when they started in 1982. They released the singles "Blessed Minutes"/"Glory" and "22 Faces"/"Lillies On A G-string" before their album debut in 1987. The band was started by Bitten Forsudd ( PVC), Mai Britt Kristoffersen, Heidi Hansen and Bjørn Pettersen (Cirkus Modern), and many had visited Garden Of Delight when they put the business on hold in 1985. The following year Forsudd (vocals, guitar, tuba), Kristoffersen (vocals) started and Pettersen (bass) up again, and with the help of people like Tore Elgarøy, Heidi Hansen, Bjørn "Julle" Juliusson, Bjørn Kulseth, Per Platou, Terje Rypdal and Atle Solberg, they released Big Wheels In Emotion (1987), an album which showed a more pop and less gloomy band than before. The lineup that appeared as Garden Of Delight after the release included Anne-Grete Lunner, Johnny Styve and Jo Langeland in addition to the three who were on the cover when the album was available. The band disbanded the same year, but the three ladies Forsudd, Kristoffersen and Lunner started the band Einmal Kommt Die Liebe a couple of years later.

1 Monster Law

2 Another Way to Drown

3 The Glance

4 White Whisper

5 Beating Romance

6 Big Wheels in Emotion

7 Lillies on a G-string

8 Twinkle

9 In Sing

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