Frosk - Kråker i lufta - 1976 – 70s – NACD226

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Frosk began as a youth action in Horten in 1969 with the aim of turning Folkets Hus into a multi-activity centre. The group also published the poetry collection Ordfrosk and the fanzine Magazine Frog . In 1973, the group set up the singing game Et spill om Horten and in 1976 they released the album Kråker i lufta at Plateselskapet MAI. Kråker i lufta has remained as a classic and a typical example of the 1970's radical vise wave. Several of the songs have entered the sing-along tradition on the Norwegian left. The song "Stev", also known as "Virvelstevet", was covered on the record En ild for fred og frihet - AUF 75 years in 1978 and again by Samvirkelaget in 2007. Kråker i lufta´s socialist texts were too strong a diet for NRK. In connection with a Norge rundt report about Frog in 2016, journalist Morgan Stenmark discovered that the copy in NRK's ​​record archive had been marked with a warning not to play the record without further ado in the state channel's programs. The LP has become a collector's item.


1 Stev

2 Onkel Skrue

3 Fønix

4 Direktøren

5 Per Silla

6 Palestina

7 Kråker i lufta

8 Spania

9 Oljevisa

10 Jorunn

11 Krisa

12 Fascismen i går, i dag, i morra

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