Front Page - Special Edition - 1982 - 80s - NACD199

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Front Page was formed in Halden in 1978. Together with The Young Lords, they helped to give Halden a reputation as a rock town, a reputation that would last over time. For the first year and a half, the line-up was as follows: Kalle Storm Andersen (guitar), Steinar Karlsen (guitar), Morten Milde (vocals), Chris Nielsen (drums) and Ulf Richter Svendsen (bass). In 1979, this group released the single "Monster"/"Kick Them" on the company New Noise. Andersen was in parallel with The Young Lords, and when Front Page's album debut he had chosen to bet on the Lords. Front Page participated in the compilation albums The Big Voice Of New Noise (1981), Blodige strenger (1981) and Anarki og kaos (1992). In 1982 came the sequel Special Edition , and then it was over. In 1990, the band was reunited for one concert in Halden.


1 Robots 

2 Do It

3 Magic

4 Jumper

5 Get Far

6 Come On

7 All Or Nothing

8 Kicking Me

9 Cadillac

10 Lili Marlene

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