Frode Thingnæs Quintet - Direct To Disc - 1980 - Jazz - NACD322

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He started with the trumpet (1948) in the Sinsen school choir, took up the trombone (1953) and studied with royal chamber musician Palmer Traulsen (1913–1975) at the Royal Danish Music Conservatory in Copenhagen. Traulsen was the Nordic region's leading trombonist and pedagogue, and he had a rich musical background from jazz orchestras as well as gramophone orchestras in addition to his work as solo trombonist in the Royal Chapel and Tivoli's Concert Hall orchestra. Thingnæs played from 1959 in orchestras led by Bjørn Jacobsen, Gunnar Brostigen, Mikkel Flagstad and Kjell Karlsen. His own quintet (1960) was part of the country's first jazz LP (1963). He has contributed to a number of releases with Egil Kapstad, Terje Rypdal, Laila Dalseth, Espen Rud, Bjørn Alterhaug and Per Husby. He became conductor at Chat Noir (1960) and became closely involved with the Count Basie big band (1975). The cover of Direvt to Disc was designed by Bruno Oldani and the album features Frode Thingnæs (trombone, arrangement, songwriter), Pete Knutsen (guitar, moog, vocoder, songwriter), Henryk Lysiak (piano, moog, keyboard), Jan Erik Kongshaug ( vocals, bass, songwriter) and Thor Andreassen (drums, percussion)


1 Bumpin’
2 Caught In the Act
3 Along Came You
4 Sett sjøbein
5 Three For the Money
6 Around Once More

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